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Metra-studio is a studio of contemporary interior design. We are a team of professionals in the field of architecture and design. Studio has extensive experience in the design of residential and public interiors.


  "First of all, we work with the person and our work for the client recalls a fascinating conversation about the wonderful and complex world of design, about the world of beauty, harmony and self-expression. Invention, development and bringing a real design project to reality is rather laborious process that requires professionalism and constant monitoring of new developments and trends concerning materials, furniture, plumbing, lighting, etc. But we are happy to relieve you of these complex technical issues. You simply choose the nature of your interior, and share with us your ideas and wishes. We undertake everything else. You have no ideas, or you can not express them clearly? We will offer you some win-win solutions. We follow the design world innovations every day, same as many people watch news program. We monitor, analyze, and offer you to select among the best."

Metra-studio team


      You have bought an apartment or a house? You rent your own office? You want your interior refreshed or completely changed? We will do it for you.




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