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A mood board is a collection of images which reflect the style, feel and look of an interior. This is the first stage of the design process, defining our ideas about the space, later working as a guide for design development. Below are a collection of mood boards which represent the kinds of styles we create.

tags: fresh, white, minimal, chic, fur, modern

tags: rustic, bathroom, natural, minimal, monochrome

tags: rustic, natural, relaxed, minimal, organic

tags: dark, theatrical, light, minimal, split

tags: polished, luxury, masculine, modern, chic

tags: minimal, sharp, modern, fresh, texture

tags: masculine, luxurious, slick, minimal, dark, urban

tags: masculine, dark, solid, sophisticated, serious

tags: light, fresh, airy, natural, refined

tags: cool, refreshing, spacious, light, minimal

tags: minimal, sharp, modern, fresh, texture

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